1. More of the fun from Tuesday night guitar shopping: still at the humongous Cosmo Music near Toronto (Canada):

    1. Here’s a panorama of the second floor electric guitar room…the room is dedicated to the highest quality (and price!) Fender & Gibson Custom Shop, as well as Campbell, Suhr, and PRS.  Even some interesting Yamahas have started sneaking in…like the one Rik Emmett used to play with Triumph in the early 80s.
    2. Here is an interesting duo…matching American Standards in Olympic White…a lefty and a righty!
    3. One of the new SGJs.  Notice the bridge/tailpiece are dull (as opposed to the shiny chrome we are used to seeing on Gibson USA models.)
    4. Whoa…weird blue light on these dayglo Ibanezes.  I am now regretting that I dropped acid before getting here…  ;)
    5. See above!
    6. Yes Suhr!
    7. The two “big ticket items” that jump out here are the VOS blonde ES-175 (bottom left, ~ $5,400) and Byrdland (top right, ~ $6400!)
    8. Those ‘bursts…check out the LP Supreme in the middle.  The headstock inlay is lovely.
    9. Left: that’s cool!  Right: HOLY F*CK that’s cool!

    And just for giggles, here’s a song from Rik Emmett as part of the 70s hard rock band Triumph…

    I don’t know if the guitar he’s playing here is a Yamaha…this may have been before he was sponsored by them (which happened in the early 80s I think).  But this is the kind of Music Wayne Campbell - or Mike Meyers in reality - would have gone to the Gasworks (an actual rock bar in downtown Torontoat the time) to see!  But while Triumph is no “Crucial Taunt” or Sh*tty Beetles”, they are pretty good…  :D


  2. Gear Music, Oakville (Toronto) Canada:

    Not a ton of great stuff on this visit, but these were interesting:

    • Classic Player (I think!) Strat in a lovely surf green
    • Yamaha Phil X Signature (PS: I think Phil X is from Toronto…)
    • Purple Haze.  Is it me or are there a LOT of head shops in Toronto? ;)
    • Used Epiphone Joe Pass.  A bargain at $499!
    • I like the clean look of the white tolex on this 65 amp.  I am sure however that a year or two of heavy touring and it would’t llokk that pretty!  :D

  3. I can barely contain my excitement!  Me and my cousin found a NEW GUITAR SHOP to visit on our weekly “Tuesday Guitar Shopping” trips!  It’s called “Gear” and it is in Oakville (Ontario, Canada), not too far form Toronto! 

    Truth be told…it’s a new guitar shop for us…I am sure it has been around for a while, but why we never found it before will remain a mystery for the remainder of eternity.  Well, for a while anyway…

    Here a few general shot of the store…more specific shots are on the way!  But here are some items of interest:

    1. Parker Fly…I have only seen a few in my whole life, and yet this night I saw several…in two different stores!
    2. used ES-335
    3. Misc guitars
    4. Ltd. Edition 50th anniversary Marshall 1 watt amps
    5. A weird Phil X signature Yamaha!
    6. ditto
    7. A few pedals!

  4. More from my last visit to The 12th Fret, Toronto’s premier used and vintage guitar store.  See each photo for descriptions.


  5. I would like my own wall at home to look like this one day!  Although I would probably sell the pink Squier Mini Strats.  Or maybe I’d just hide them away when my male friends came over…  :D

    Cosmo Music, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, August 21, 2012.


  6. This is a supplemental, unplanned post!  

    I was driving through the city of Mississauga (Canada’s 6th largest city, right next door to Toronto) today, and I happened to drive past something interesting.  Well two things actually:

    1. those crazy-shaped condo buildings at Hurontario Street & Burnhamthorpe.  Man are they weird looking!  But cool.  :D
    2. Metalworks Studios (see photo #3…a crappy photo, but I had only a couple of seconds between the time I realized that I was passing the famous Metalworks Studios, and the time I was able to grab a quick snapshot of it!)

    Metal Works was a studio founded in the 70’s by the guys in the Canadian hard rock band Triumph (my favourite tune of theirs: “Lay It On The Line”, from 1979 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqJ7trVVpLU ).   And many interesting musicians have been recorded there over the years.  

    For example, some artists I LOVE:

    And TONS of other names I recognize but don’t listen to, or know much about, their music:

    • Alexisonfire
    • Demi Lovato
    • Nelly Furtado
    • Prince
    • Ashlee Simpson
    • Katy Perry
    • Jonas Brothers
    • Good Charlotte
    • Finger 11
    • Ill Scarlett
    • The Stills
    • Tokyo Police Club
    • David Usher
    • Metric
    • Feist
    • Cancer Bats
    • And many MANY more!

    Now that is one hell of a client list!  :D  And right in my own back yard.  I had no idea!

    Toronto, Canada, July 6, 2012.

    PS: the links above are to songs I like, but not that were necessarily recorded at Metalworks…I don’t have any easy way of selecting songs that were recorded there, so I just pasted my favourites, regardless of where they were recorded!  :)


  7. There is nothing like an autumn sun to show off how pretty a Gold Top is!

    2010 Gibson USA Les Paul Traditional Gold Top, in my living room, Toronto Canada, October 29, 2011.