1. Some random shots of my various guitars from the last week or two, including some of my favourites:  SG Standard P-90. ES-335 VOS, Sunburst American Series Stratocaster, and Modern Thinline Telecaster.


  2. I switched out the “stock” pickups on my 2009 FSR American Standard Tele for some hand-wound ones I got from Capsule Music in Toronto.  They have a guy from Kingston called “Pickup Wizard” who does all their rewinding jobs, and also winds his own.  I had put a set into my 2006 American series Stratocaster a few weeks ago and they sound great!  So I bought a set for my Tele.

    As you can see there were a couple of snags in the install…firstly when I had to take the bridge off (and a couple of the saddles too!) and then when the mounting screws for the neck pickup were too narrow, and in order to get the pickup to stay put (at least until I can get the proper screws!) I taped it in place with some fabric tape I use for my unframed paintings!

    But…in the end it all worked and they sound great.  Interestingly, the “stock” bridge pickup has a Fencer Custom Shop sticker on its base…and both the neck and bridge pickups had cloth wiring, which leads me to believe that the prior owner had upgraded the stock pickups.  But the soldering looked original…so perhaps Fender was putting Custom Shop pickups in some FSR Telecasters?  I doubt it!

    Toronto, Canada, March 18, 2012.


  3. Tonight’s project:  swapping out the stock pickups (the neck pickup is not functioning) in my 2006 American Series Stratocaster, 3 tone sunburst, for these hand wound custom pickups from Capsule Music in Toronto.   Capsule gets them from a guy in Kingston (250 km east of Toronto) who is called “The Pickup Wizard”!   Anyone who is called “wizard” must be good.  Right???

    I’m going to try to do this work tonight…I plan to unsolder one pickup at a time, immediately soldering in the new one…that way I hope NOT to lose track of where all the wires go!  I may have to modify that plan a bit because all the ground wires on the stock pickups are twisted together and soldered in one big clump to the volume pot!  

    Also, I say “try” to do the work tonight…but I am ultimately so incredibly lazy that I may end up procrastinating until the weekend.  At which point I will no doubt procrastinate into next week!  But you know what they say:  hard work and effort will pay off one day…but procrastination pays off RIGHT NOW!  Words to live by…  :D

    Toronto, Canada, Feb 1, 2012.