1. Epiphone Casino Coupe and scenes from Kensington Market, Toronto.


  2. Still on holiday in Canada’s Maritime Provinces.  Here’s my cherry mini-Casino in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

    Oh, also, if you think YOUR town has a long covered bridge, then you should know that it ain’t NOTHIN’ beside the world’s longest covered bridge (1,282 feet across) in Hartland, New Brunswick!

    Also another shot from Quebec City - The Snowbirds were flying over the old port in circles for a few hours.  Don’t know why (there was no air show that I know of…), but it was fun anyway!


  3. How about a lovely 1996 #Epiphone Casino on a Friday night?

    The #Casino was essentially an #Epi version of the #Gibson #ES330. Full hollow body with #P90 pickups. They also have what the they call a “short” neck, because the neck joins the body several frets lower than on an ES-335. If you put a pre-1968 ES-330 next to any year #ES335, and you will instantly see what I mean. In ‘68 Gibson modified the 330 to have the same neck join the 335 always had…but I am not sure if the Casino was still in production in ‘68, and if it was, did Gibson follow suit and give it the long neck too? I could easily look this up in any number of my guitar #history books or on internets, but I am incredibly, incredibly lazy. :D


  4. I know I say this EVERY time I get a #new #guitar, but this time I REALLY mean it! My newest (and extremely #inexpensive) 1996 #Epiphone #Casino is my total favourite guitar at the moment. I have taken the #pickguard off to make it more reminiscent of #John #Lennon’s ‘65 #Epi. Now I just need a weird avante guard artsy-fartsy Japanese girlfriend who can’t sing in tune and helps precipitate the breakup of my band. :D


  5. Interesting news about the new, but older than I thought, Casino…

    1. First, and most importantly (as far as I and chubbuckguitars are concerned anyway) it weighs a feather-light 6 lbs 5.5 oz.  And if I remove the ‘guard it goes down to 6 lbs 3.5 oz!  The pick guard stays OFF!  
    2. Secondly and perhaps not important but good to know, I ran the serial number through the Guitar Dater Project and it came back with this info:

    (Source: http://www.guitardaterproject.org/)

    "Guitar Info:

    Your guitar was made at the Peerless Plant, Korea, November 1996.

    Peerless Korea Co., Ltd. is a Korean-Japanese joint venture company headquartered in South Korea and has been in the guitar-manufacturing industry since 1970. With the core expertise in guitar manufacturing initiated from Japan, Peerless has provided 2.9 million pieces of guitars in the worldwide market so far. Peerless had once manufactured 30,000 pieces of guitars per month in the past in order to meet the order quantity, however have gradually changed their focus from quantity quality. With this in mind they have cut down their manufacturing capacity to 2,000 pieces per month just to ensure the high quality of our products. Peerless produces guitars via OEM for brands such as Epiphone by Gibson, Alvarez, Hoyer and Gretsch by Fender. Note: While not explicitly stated it is believed that Peerless is part owned by Aria of Japan.”

    So there you go!  Now, if you’ll excuse me I am heading out to toast my 17.6 year old Epi with a bottle or two of the best 소주 two dollars and thirty seven cents ($CAD) can buy!


  6. Epiphone 50th Anniversay Casino Reissue, Royal Tan.


  7. 1967 Epiphone Casino at Capsule Music, Toronto.  It has been refinished (well duh…like a 46 year old guitar could ever be that shiny and perfect!), but on the plus side it’s about half the price of one with an original finish!


  8. More snapshots from the Gibson Family Portrait.

    Featured in these shots are…

    1. 1966 ES-330. 
    2. 2005 ES 335 VOS
    3. 1968 SG Special. 
    4. 2011 SG Jr. 60s Glossy - 5.8 lbs of pure Gibson fun!
    5. 2011 Epi Casino reissue, LP Special Double Cut, ES-335 and the new Flying V.
    6. 2012 SG Standard P-90.  

  9. More guitar shopping this week at the Long and McQuade store in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  Burlington is a city about 20 miles west of that city with the (alleged) crack-smoking mayor.  :D

    1. Epiphone Sheraton from the 1962 50th Anniversary collection.
    2. There’s that new ES-195 again…although I think they refer to it as the “Memphis ES-195”.  I can’t find it on the Gibson web site for some reason, but here it is on the L&M Website.
    3. Used Flying V.  The price was right, but the basic models are so darn plain-looking.  If/when I get a Vee…it’s got to be fancy!  Like this one from my Tumblr friend admasramblings:  
    4. See London?  You’re not the only city with double decker buses!  True these aren’t classic Routemasters, but … erm…  shut-up!  :D
    5. Figured top ES-335 & Les Paul Custom in a very cheerful finish!
    6. I love tiny amps.
    7. Bargain of the week:  Fender Japan floral Tele.  Only 350 dollars!
    8. PRS, Music Man & Fender American Vintage.
    9. For 350 bones, I ALMOST bought this.  But then my sanity took over - I knew I would play it for a few days and when the novelty wore off it would go back on the rack or in the case for a year of more.  Plus I need to put the $350 towards a new DSLR.  The old D200 is literally falling apart.  It’s currently being held together with duct tape!  :\

  10. Yet ANOTHER beautiful guitar from my cousin’s collection.  It’s a new Epiphone Swingster Royale!  That “Swingster” name sounds a little…um…swishy?  In fact, he refers to it as the “Sphincter”…   But it sure is purdy and it plays real nice too!  ;)


  11. This is a 50th Anniversary Reissue Epiphone Casino.  It used to belong to this guy, Kevin Kane - the one with the black Jazzmaster:


    (PS: I was at this show…you can see my melon if you look really hard at the right side of stage!  JK ;)  I was there but there’s no way you can see me in the dark!)


  12. I finally figured out a way to get myself an iPhone without spending a fortune!  ;)

    Epiphone (to be henceforth known as “Ep-iPhone”) 50th Anniversary Reissue Casino.



  13. A beautiful 1967 Epiphone Riviera at The 12th Fret Toronto.


  14. Parts of an Epiphone 50th Anniversary ‘61 Casino Reissue.  To be more precise, the “bridge” and “headstock” parts.  ;)


  15. I put flat wound .012s on my Casino.