1. This is FUN! (Picture #2 confirms it).  

    12th Fret, Toronto:

    1. Where do I even start?!?
    2. See?  Told you this was fun.
    3. 1952 LES PAUL!   You can’t get any better than this…with the possible exception of a 1954 Stratocaster…or a 1950 Broadcaster…or a 1959 Flying V…or a 1959 ES-335 (with the too-big pickguard…that’s how you know it’s an early one!)…or (for me anyway…) a white 1961 Les Paul (SG) Custom (without the sideways vibrato, if possible).  Some people might also suggest a 1959 ‘burst Les Paul.  I don’t have any fundamental argument with your choice - there’s no question about the importance of this particular instrument….it’s just too heavy (in weight I mean) for me!  ;)
    4. Maybe not as cool as a ‘52 Les Paul…but still very pretty.  And a LOT less expensive.
    5. 1995 Rickenbacker 360V64.
    6. An ancient Epiphone arch top.  I don’t know my pre-Gibson Epis very well…so not sure what it is.  Trivia question:  do you know why the company is called Epiphone?
    7. Looks like a house.  A house where they boil things.  Apparently.
    8. Greco.  Pretty.  Heavy.  
    9. Trussart Tele.  Expensive, but lovely.
    10. 1995 Rickenbacker 360V64.

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