1. More shopping fun at the Twelfth Fret Toronto:

    1. 1979 Fender Stratocaster Lefty - I love the way the decal is applied.
    2. 1978 Fender Jazz Bass.  Under $2,000 CAD and really purdy!
    3. Gibson ES-339 and Silvertone Something-Or-Other (that’s not the model’s name…I just don’t remember what the name was!)
    4. Guitar shopping is tough, hot, sweaty work.  Time for a beer break!!  I only drink beer in small plastic shot glasses, BTW.  :D
    5. Here is a vintage Fender Bass VI in a new photographic technique I have cleverly named “upside down photography”.
    6. An antique shop in Toronto’s Distillery District,  Man I wish this was my home!
    7. The 1979 lefty Strat again.  Love the grain.
    8. Another look at the Silvertone “Whatchamacallit” 

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    Gimme the three babies in picture five
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    Lefty strat headstock made me actually shout out that it was really cool Awesome
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