1. Some odds & ends form guitar shopping this week…

    1. Thsi may sound crazy, but hear me out:  Casino.  Mini.  Cherry. $500 CAD. What’s not to covet??
    2. Custom Shop Stratocasters (the one on the far right is an AVRI now that I think about it…one of the 60th anniversary models - 2 tone sunburst, 8 screw single ply ‘guard…you know…pre-1959 style.
    3. Starcaster bass.  You had to know it would come out eventually…
    4. Lefty of the week:  American Standard Strat.  Now that is a pretty sunburst!
    5. I said it once, I said it twice, and I’ll probably keep saying it too!  Squier gets the best colours!  I would LOVE to have a shell pick Strat.  PS:  anyone ever seen a shell pink Tele?
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  36. guitarlust answered: I don’t believe I have! would be too babyish for me I think
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