1. Some odd and interesting stuff from last night’s “Thursday Night Guitar Shopping” at the Long & McQuade Store in Toronto:

    1. And the year of bizarre and weird one-off Stratocasters continues!  I don’t remember Fender putting out SO MANY different models for the 60th anniversary of the Telecaster in 2011, do you?
    2. I like the quilt-y top…but not sure about the lipstick pickups and knobs.
    3. Looks like yet ANOTHER FSR Strat.  Is this Sherwood Green?  I am not sure…
    4. The design says “vintage” but the front disc brake says “reissue”!  :D
    5. Insanely-coloured Vox.
    6. This amp makes me WISH I was colourblind!  ;)
    7. I thought this was a “Select” Telecaster…but apparently it’s a Richie Kotzen signature
    8. One day I want a Larrivée RS-2 (or preferable a “4” cuz it’s fancier…)
    9. One day I hope this Taylor is banished form existence!  JK.  It’s just huge and awkward-looking and heavy so naturally I don’t like it.  :D
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