1. #Project #Esquire Day 429*… I haven’t finished stripping the old black finish yet but decided to test some colours out (under the pick guard of course!) And I think I found the right one on my first try - #silver #sparkle car paint! :D

    #guitar #build #project #projectesquire #fender #esquire #telecaster #toronto

    * I tend to exaggerate…it’s only day 5. When you strip a finish by hand using only sandpaper, 5 days FEELS like 429 days! :D

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    Oh it’s a test colour. Good. I thought you were trying to shield the cavity with silver paint o_O
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  21. mccabe95 said: Not dubli-colour!!! :((
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  24. wdavery said: Seconded! Hand stripping is the most tedious task….
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  31. chainsofhumanity said: I know the pain of stripping a guitar by hand. Slowly working on my second project - a superstrat
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    That wood is far too nice to cover up.
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