1. Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme 

    1997/98 Rickenbacker 360, turquoise-glo*

    I love the incredible red-ish rosewood that only Ric seems to use.  No other (mass production) guitar companies (that I am aware of) seem to ever use any rosewood anywhere near this colour.  WTF?  Why are Ricky fretboards so red?!?  I love them…but WHY are the they only ones that look like this?!?

    * The real name for this colour is just plain old “turquoise”, but that isn’t “Ric” enough for me.  So I took it upon myself to Rick-ify the name in the tradition of their well known finishes like “mapleglo” (natural), “fireglo” (sunburst) and “jetglo” (black).  See how much more fun everything is when you stick a “glo” at the end?  So, “turquoise-glo” it shall be for evermore.

    PS: here’s a video that will help put the first line above in context..it’s not Richard Thompson himself performing it, but these guys do a great bluegrass-y cover version of Thompson’s incredible song “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”.  Dig it!

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