1. My cousin and I usually go (guitar) shopping once a week together.  But this week we hit FIVE shops in 5 days.  This was/is the Long & McQuade store in Burlington (west of Toronto, Canada):

    1. I don’t know a ton about basses, but I know what I like.  And I LOVE this P-Bass.  I think it was an American Standard.  The mint ‘guard is perfect with the sonic blue (or is it daphne blue?  Or sky blue?  I am never sure with Fender blues…),
    2. This rack is festival of colour.  Note that wicked and unusual metallic ‘burst on the Strat near the back.
    3. This Gibson USA ES-335 with a nicely figured top was a great deal at $1999 (used).   If I didn’t already have a 335 I would have jumped on this one.
    4. Ever since my friend Brendan got a white SG Standard, I have been coveting one.  Wait…isn’t there some kind of rule about coveting thy neighbour’s guitar…?
    5. I am not a huge fan of “satin” finishes (except on the back of a neck!), but I dig this satin-y cherry LP.
    6. Speaking of satin…here’s one of them newfangled SG Special-something-or-others.  At (roughly) 800 clams, it ain’t a bad deal.
    7. Yes…I said clams.  I learned it from Fred Flintstone back in the 80s.  I also like to call peoples’ heads “squashes”.  ”What the hell is going on in that over-sized squash of yours?!?”, I’ll say.  Or “man, I have a wicked squash-ache…where did you leave the Bufferin at?  No it’s not in the medicine cabinet!  Use your squash and tell me where it is!”.  Oh and one more thing…check out the colour on this Mira!  I hurts my squash just looking at it!
    8. If you think lefty guitars are few and far between, lefty bases are even rarer.  Here is an American Std. Jazz Bass
    9. It begins.  The 60th Anniversary Stratocaster models are coming fast and furious!   Note: 2 tone sunburst was the original sunburst on Strats form 1954 to (I believe…) 1957 or ‘58.  And I also read that the earliest reds were prone to fading, so they ended up looking like 2 tone ‘bursts in the end anyway!
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  19. lowendsound said: That P Bass looks like the new ‘63 Reissue in “Faded Sonic Blue”
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  23. commanderjeans said: Very witty! Love #4. I may start to refer to heads as squash. Make life a little more interesting if not fun.
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