1. More guitar goodies - this time acoustics - from my last trip to Long & McQuade on Bloor Street in Toronto:

    1. Dear C.F. Martin & Co.  You tend to make spartan-ly decorated guitars with conservative, understated adornments.   So when you do go whole hog on the ornamentation the result is simply STUNNING.  This OM is a case in point - that pure white binding is so beautiful!  Or as we say in the guitar business “so F*CKING BEAUTIFUL”!
    2. headstock on a used Larrivée L-09.  The price was nice too at only $1550.
    3. Australians make some fantastic wines. (see below…)
    4. Simon & Patrick.  This is a budget line of acoustic guitars made by Godin (of Quebec, Canada).  Apparently Simon and Patrick are M. Godin’s sons!
    5. I’m a huge fan of Fender…but their electrics only…I don’t really know much about acoustics and I know even less about Fender acoustics!  That being said, check out this Sonoran in Surf Green (or “seafoam” maybe?)
    6. Same as above…but I just love the size of this model!
    7. Ditto.
    8. Lovely Martin Jeff Tweedy signature.
    9. Nothing like copious amounts of water after a bottle or two of Aussie wine!  :D
    10. Godin 5th Ave.  I really should learn more about Godin.  What with them being Canadian and all, I should be more familiar with their models than I am!

    "A lot of people in this country pooh-pooh Australian table wines. This is a pity as many fine Australian wines appeal not only to the Australian palate but also to the cognoscenti of Great Britain."

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  28. thebigdoggydaddy said: There are many world class Australian wine producers. Omit from your cellar at your own detriment.
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