1. It has been a busy guitar photography week and I am DAYS behind in getting this stuff processed and up on the Tumblrs!  :\

    I met this dude named David a few weeks back at a local guitar swap meet and he’s just started up his own business called Maverick Guitar Parts.  He makes guitar bodies and sells them for very reasonable prices, AND he’s discounting another 20% off his regularly low prices as a holiday promotion!  I couldn’t resist so I bought a candy apple red Custom Tele body from him this week.  I won’t tell you the price, but suffice to say it was less than half of what many other body/parts companies charge.

    When I went to pick up my body earlier this week, David graciously let me shoot some of his other stock and his personal guitars (all built from his own bodies and parts of course!):

    1. A custom colour body Strat with a Squier neck…a bit of surf green but not quite…
    2. Three Custom Tele Bodies (I finally settled on the candy apple one on the left).  Also, that trans red 1 piece ash Strat body on the far right weighed no more than 3 lbs!  I almost bought it!  I may actually go back for it…  :D 
    3. Another of his builds in a nice deep red.
    4. Green Strat, take 2!
    5. How about a shell pink thinline Tele??
    6. How about a humongous F-18 model??
    7. And my Tele body…at home.  I have big plans for you my friend!  Now I just need a good (and cheap) neck…  :D
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  45. brewsandbarres said: shell pink tele. sexy. my dream guitar would be a shell pink tele cabronita.
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