1. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd SOLD!  

    Goodbye my Flying V!  You were my first V, and though I spent most of my life not liking your kind (so funny-looking!). when I finally got you my opinion of Vs immediately changed.  Through your excellent-sounding Golden Age pickups, light weight and surprisingly comfortable feel and playability, you taught me how to love oddly shaped guitars for the first time!  As my finances improve…I will definitely be acquiring another V in the future - it will almost be a “surrogate” you!  :D

    (also pictured - a flower in my house that I liked, so I took a photo of it!)

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  42. guitarlust said: Arrg that’s such a shame! Maybe it will be a flying v custom next time then. You should defos keep an eye for a Hamer Vector! Tell you what I will keep an eye out for you :)
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  46. jacksonwride said: I’ve always had a guilty love for the Explorer shape.
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