1. Elton John once said “Saturday night’s alright for fighting”, and I say “Tuesday night’s alright for guitar shopping”!  So let’s get a little action in at Long & McQuade, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada:

    1. Not sure what Fender calls this colour…but Ima gonna call it “burgundy mist”!  It’s funky.  It’s cool.  Why, it’s the fresh new look all the kids are looking for!
    2. A lovely used fancy-topped Les Paul Standard, $1700.
    3. Am I seeing double?  FOUR Ibanez reverse Icemen?!?
    4. Les heastocks du Gretsch
    5. Gibson Hummingbird…even though they cost a fortune, Gibson acoustics are gorgeous. 
    6. This Taylor was over 5000 dollars.  Yikes.  Stunning tho.
    7. But look at the fancy tuners!  They said “21:1” on them.  Wow…that’s super precise tuning!  They make my old 18:1s look downright sloppy! No wonder I can never play in tune!!  ;)
    8. Every time I see a cool lefty I pay silent but photographic homage to my friend and Tumblr mentor, guitarlust!  This Taylor was under $2,000 (roughly  £1,150) and simply beautiful.  And I don’t even really like dreadnoughts!  The one possibly dodgy bit is that it seems to be made of “spruce” and something called “mahag” which does not sound too palatable…  :D
    9. The other thing I love is when someone (in this case Gibson) put’s out a new and interesting finish!  About 90% of acoustics look exactly the same.  It’s nice when they try something new like this semi-transparent charcoal colour.
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  31. analogwaswarmer said: The reverse iceman. Its actually a Paul gilbert signature model. pretty solid guitar for the price tag, I owned one a while back.
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