1. Damn, I love going down to Capsule Music in Toronto to look at cool vintage guitars.  

    And since I met Brad, the man behind Shyboy Guitars, I now also get privileged sneak previews of some really cool new guitars too…hand-built in Toronto.  I was recently there looking for some guitar parts and Brad let me take a few shots of his four newest builds.

    1. I nearly soiled myself with pure glee when I first saw this pelham blue SG Junior-style guitar.   It is STUNNING!  With a white ‘guard and truss rod cover, and an unpainted neck (i.e. the back of the neck is not pelham, but a natural wood colour).  Also, he purposely left the contours/edges more pronounced and angular - they give it a distinctive look and feel vs. a “regular” Junior. 
    2. The TV Yellow LP Junior-style guitar was also beautiful.  But I was so busy ogling the SG Jr., that I didn’t give it the attention it deserved!  Next time for sure… :D
    3. The snakehead Cabronita style guitar was also gorgeous and super light too…a feature I highly value in an electric guitar! 
    4. Lastly, the Les Paul-style guitar was a commission for a friend of his, built in the style of Neil Young’s famous “Old Black” Les Paul.  I am not a huge fan of Les Pauls, but I would definitely make an exception to buy this one (but only AFTER I had already bought the pelham SG Junior!)  ;)

    Check out Shyboy’s website for more (and better) images of the lovely instruments Brad creates.  Better yet, if you find yourself in Toronto, drop by Capsule Music and see them for yourself.

    PS: I hope to bring you more shots of Tex Amplifiers in the future as well (see photo #4).  Tex, like Shyboy, is a local Toronto company that builds high-end, hand-wired boutique amplifiers.  Jeff Tweedy of Wilco uses a Tex amp, so they must be pretty good right?  

    Here’s a video where you can see Jeff and his Tex amp (the one with the light speaker grill cloth to the left of the Vox, directly behind him):

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