1. More from this weeks shopping trip.  Cosmo Music is a BIG beautiful store near Toronto, and though they don’t carry a lot of used gear (which is my “thing”), they do have a pile of cool stuff and much of it really high end (which means “unaffordable, but fun to look at”!)

    1. Where does your eye go first on this wall of beauty?  That orange/red LP with highly figured top?   The ‘52 reissue with that long trapeze (two of them in fact!)?  The ‘57 Reissue Gold Top (that would be my pick!), or…
    2. …this STUNNING VOS ES-175?   If you have $5300 it can be yours!
    3. Martin John Mayer Signature OM.
    4. Hahaha.  Idk.
    5. A bit on the “metal” side for my taste, but these Andersons are pretty!
    6. Ace Frehley Les Paul!  Costs about as much as a small car.
    7. 1955 Martin D-28.  OK so they do have some used/vintage stuff SOMETIMES!  
    8. Hey, it’s one of them funky new EBMM Armadas I am seeing all over the place these days!  It’s not often a totally new guitar shape comes out and I actually like it.  When I first saw the Fano RB model I went mental for it but later found out it’s a copy of a 1950s Rickenbacker shape.  But I like this new EB.  A lot!
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