1. Guitar shopping this week…more from the Burlington & Mississauga  (west of Toronto) Long & McQuade stores:

    1.  A panorama comprised 4 or 5 different shots, courtesy of Microsoft ICE.
    2. If I had money, I tell you what I’d do.  I go downtown and buy one of these or two!*  Note the brand new Fender Princeton Reverb silverface reissue at bottom left.  Behind that is a Fender Custom Shop Danny Gatton** Tele.  Do you know Danny Gatton’s playing at all?  Do your ears a favour and Tube him!
    3. A MIM FSR Strat in Aztec gold  I took this shot for my friend Daniel who is currently GASing on one of these but in Telecaster form!  I know it’s not a Tele Daniel…but it’s the colour that counts!  ;)
    4. Zee one in zee middle is a Gibson acoustic I would seriously consider buying.  This is the Keb Mo signature Bluesmaster, but the plain old 2000 dollar Blues King would work too! 

    * My not so subtle allusion above was to this song:

    ** Annnnnd just to blow your mind a bit…Danny Gatton:

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    Some nice guitars :D
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  35. daniel-radtke said: Lovely. Still got to post the pictures I took the other day. Some lovely guitars, but i decided not to buy a MiM but hold on and save for a proper USA standard guitar, tele or strat, not sure yet, strat feels better with the cutaway at the back.
  36. m-workshop said: In the second one you forgot to mention the beautiful short-scale EBMM Armada :)
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