1. 1998 Fender Custom Shop ‘60 Custom Telecaster “NOS”.  

    I call it an “NOS” to differentiate it from a “Relic” in the current context of Fender finishes, but I am not at all certain Fender designated it as NOS back when it was made in 1998.

    Back then, the “Relic” finish was a new idea and Fender didn’t even do it (the “relic-ing”) in-house yet - instruments were sent out to be relic-ed (you may have heard the Cunetto name?  I think he was the guy they sent them to to be relic-ed!).  So what we would call the “NOS” finish nowadays was probably just called…well…nothing…in 1998!  There was only one finish…i.e. shiny and new!  

    Don’t quote me on this though…I am notorious for reading a snippet here/hearing an anecdote there, and then synthesizing all these various and disparate tidbits of unrelated information into my own sort of fantasy understanding of reality…which often-times is waaaaaaay off from the actual reality! :D

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