1. There’s so much to tell you about in these photos!

    If you’re ever in Toronto on a Saturday afternoon, and want to grab a bite, drink some beer and listen to some vintage tunes played by a living legend of the Toronto music scene, then I suggest you stop in at The Rex Hotel between noon and 3pm to catch my friend Danny play a three hour set of classics.  

    Danny’s story is a long and interesting one…check it out here.  He also has a weekly Saturday night radio show where he spins all kinds of classic and current blues music - more info here.  Lastly, his guitar collection makes mine look extremely lame!  

    Plus, he’s just a hell of a funny guy, and a real gentleman.

    OK, and now onto the guitars…  

    Capsule music (just down the street from the Rex Hotel.  How convenient for me!):

    1. 1961 Fender Jazzmaster.  Drool.
    2. Danny Marks on stage at The Rex (see the blurb above!)
    3. Gibson Custom ‘61 Les Paul SG VOS.  A little less “drool”, but still “drool”.
    4. 1974 SG Custom.  Drool increasing noticeably…
    5.  Custom tooled-leather Teles by local builder Shyboy Guitars. also note the Shyboy Bass VI in surf green to the left!   Drool becoming unmanageable!
    6. Two early 70s LP Deluxes (left).  You can spot a “Deluxe” by it’s mini-humbuckers!  Drool stabilizing.
    7. Japanese LP Jr. Knock off!  Drool diminishing, yet still present due to a very affordable price!
    8. Interesting 1980 Gibson SG Firebrand!  Drool not sure what to do because owner of mouth is not familiar enough with these guitars and torn between this one’s semi-vintage status and it’s unfortunate oversized headstock!
    9. Interesting recent SG 3.  All the pickups of an SG Custom with none of the fanciness.  But I like the fanciness.  Drool noticeably absent.  No wait…drool returning.  I like this!
    10. 1999 Fender Custom Shop Strat Relic in Lake Placid Blue.  Drool on overload!  Drool gushing like an open fire hydrant in the summertime!  The figured neck is just beautiful…and the price…only $1,995!   It’s a gorgeous early Custom Shop Relic at a great price.  I am surprised it’s still there.  If I wasn’t so broke it would already be mine and my drool would be all over it!  :D
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