1. I am currently looking to reduce this goddamn humongous guitar collection in order to generate some cash to pay for my recent acquisitions, including my new beloved 1961 Les Paul SG Junior - which was not cheap as you can imagine!!  ;)

    If you live locally here in the Greater Toronto Area (because I don’t want to ship these!), and are interested in one (or ALL!) of these, askbox me for more details or any questions.  I will deliver within 100 km of the city…if you live further away than 100 km, but are still interested we can make some kind of arrangement.  Talk to me!  :)

    1. 1968 SG Special.  This is a vintage SG players guitar rather than a “glass case showpiece”.  It needs some restoration work, but plays and sounds fantastic!  Electronics, pick guard and P-90s are original.  Tuners, knobs and bridge are reissues.  Also comes with short maestro tailpiece which I have removed because I prefer it as a hard tail.  Asking $2,200
    2. 2007 Fender Custom Shop ‘62 Strat Relic, limited edition for the NAMM show that year.  6.8 lbs!!!  :D  Asking $2,600
    3. 2008 Fender American Standard Strat, lefty converted to right-hand play. Asking $700
    4. 2011 Rock N Roll Relics Jazz Classic (repro of a Fender Jazzmaster).  HEAVY relic job done by Billy Rowe in San Francisco USA.  Asking: $1,800
    5. 2011 Fender limited edition “Telebration” series Modern Thinline Telecaster.  Limited edition of 200 (I think…may be slightly more than that..like 500, but I can’t remember.  Either way it’s pretty rare.)   6.4 lbs!  Asking: $1,450
    6. 2000-and-something Fender American Vintage ‘62 Tele Custom in the rare and beautiful Sherwood green!  Asking: $1,450
    7. 2010 or 11 Kauer Daylighter Express.  Rare as all hell!  Also: this actual guitaris shown on the Kauer webistie for the “Express!”  Asking $1,800
    8. 2006 Fender American Standard Strat.  Upgraded hand-wired pickups. Asking: $750 
    9. 2011 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Gibson USA SG 12 String.  Play all the Byrds and Eagles you want until you puke with happiness!  :D  One dent on the top edge of the upper cutaway but otherwise immaculate.  Asking $1,250
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    Hot damn. I’d buy them all if I could.
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    Yo Schrodingerdelaypedal! Peep #4 and #7
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    Drooling. Especially #2 but I’d take #7. I mean I REALLY want a vintage guitar but like…
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