1. Man, I love a nice (guitar) rack!

    I would normally describe the guitars in a photo like this, but I am daring to be different today, and instead will describe the cool wall-mounted rack I have.  You’re welcome.

    This is the racking system I have…and I LOVE it!  http://diamondlifegear.com/guitar_hanger_mx.html

    Wow.  That was a fast description.  It kinda went faster than I expected…and I am done way earlier than I expected.  Hmmmm. How should I use up the extra time I suddenly find myself with?  

    I know…I’ll describe the guitars in the photo after all!  :D

    • 2011 Gibson USA SG JR ’60s Glossy.
    • 2009 Gibson Custom ES-339
    • 2011 Rock N Roll Relics Jazz Classic (a heavy-relic Jazzmaster replica)
    • 2012 Gibson USA SG Standard P-90
    • 1987 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
    • 2009 Gibson Custom ‘60 Les Paul Special TV
    • 2007 Fender Custom Shop ‘62 Stratocaster heavy Relic, Limited Editon for NAMM 2007.
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