1. Tuesday night guitar shopping this week was a little different:  my cousin had a day off work so we went out a couple of hours earlier than usual.  This meant we could go to some of the stores we NEVER get to because they close too early on Tuesday nights!

    Like this store, LA Music, in the Port Credit area of Mississauga, just west of Toronto.  This store has a HUGE selection of guitars…and not just the budget lines either.  TONS and TONS of REALLY nice high-end Fender Custom Shop and Gibson Custom models.   For me a place like this store is VERY dangerous to my credit card…but I managed to control myself last night.  But just barely…  :D

    Here are some of the lovely items we saw - but please note, one post can’t do justice to the literally dozens of nice instruments this store has in stock. I am going to visit here more often, and more detailed posts will follow over the next few weeks,.  I’ll have to work around my weekly Tuesday night schedule with my cousin because the store’s hours are such that we can’t get there before closing on normal work days, but Perhaps the occasional Saturday when we are not downtown in the vintage/used shops…  

    Anyhoo - here are some notes on last night’s visual smorgasbord:

    1. Not a photo of a guitar, as you probably could have guessed.  This is a highway called the Queen Elizabeth Way that we take to get to many of our favourite shops!
    2. LA Music, Port Credit (Mississauga), two Gibson Custom instruments.  I assume the one on the right is a ‘52 Les Paul VOS of some kind, but my true love is the VOS Les Paul/SG Custom on the left. I would consider doing many unethical, if not downright illegal things to get my hands on one of these beauties!  ;)
    3. I tired to strike up a friendly conversation with this chap, but he just stood there ignoring me and silently blowing on his harp!
    4. There is WAY TOO much amazingness in this photo…but let me draw your attention to the two Custom Shop Strats in the upper left area…one in Sherwood Green and the other in Lake Placid Blue.  Even today these are the rarest of the “custom colours” and they are gorgeous.
    5. Again, too much to talk about here.  I see that SG custom from above and a Pelham Blue LP Custom…below the SG is a lovely VOS LP Special (I have one of these in TV Yellow and it is one of my fave guitars).
    6. The interesting one in this photo is the 1978 Les Paul Deluxe in that brown-burst (not the official name!) finish.  A past owner swapped out the mini humbuckers for P-90s.  Not a bad choice IMO.  This instrument was just beautiful - and I’m not even a huge Les Paul fan!
    7. The middle row here has so much SG amazingness that I am having trouble breathing! Check out the ebony model with gold hardware.  And of course the lovely ES-335s below.  
    8. We had a great conversation with the gentleman behind the counter…he was nice enough to let me come “backstage” and take these shots!  Sadly I was so overwhelmed by all the stuff, that I did get half of the shots I wanted…but there’s always next time I guess.  Anyway:  he was telling us about how the store tries to source interesting and unique guitars as much as possible (this was welcome news to me and my cousin, professional guitar shoppers, who get really tired of seeing the SAME OLD instruments week after week in store after store!), and pulled this one down off the wall.  It’s an American Special in trans blue with a lovely dark grain.  He told us this was a very limited run…or perhaps even a one-off (I can’t quite remember which!).  We had never seen another Fender with that finish before.  Very nice.

    Needless to say, I will be making LA Music a more regular stop on my (almost daily) guitar shopping rounds!  :D

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