1. Part II of my last trip to Mountain Music in Hamilton, Canada.

    1. Old stone building I found on my way through Guelph!
    2. Here’s an interesting one:  They (the owners of the shop) have this marked as a 1988 Strat Plus, and they have priced it at $1400.  However, from my “VAST” experiences, I am pretty sure this is NOT a “Plus” but a little known model called the “Deluxe American Standard.  The “Plus” has Lace Sensors, locking tuners and a roller nut.  This one has the Lace pickups…but it has neither the locking tuners nor the roller nut.   If it’s a Deluxe American Standard, then it should cost between $700 and $80…not $1400!  My next question is…if they know it’s not a “Plus” then they’re putting one over on any prospective buyer not familiar with the details of the “Plus”.  On the other hand, if they do NOT know this, then I have to question their expertise!  :\
    3. Left: AVRI ‘69 Tele.  Love a Tele in Olympic white!  Middle: one of the new AVRIs.  They are priced at $1,999…a pretty hefty increase over the price of last year’s model.  Sorry Fender…I just can’t bring myself to pay an incremental $400 - $500 on a guitar that last year sold new for $1,600.  Right: American Deluxe.  Love the binding!
    4. KC signature Jaguar.
    5. Here’s an interesting one:  a made-in-Indonesia Strat in a lovely silver burst.  ”Spaghetti” logo on the headstock…and only 249 dollars!  
    6. See above!
    7. Lovely Epi. version of the Ace Frehley model.  The Custom Shop version is just a tiny bit more expensive!  ;)
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  2. the6550s said: You have a keen eye. That is, in fact, not a Strat Plus. I recall purchasing my brand new Strat Plus in December of ‘87. I had my hands on the deluxe, but the salesman “up sold” me with the very thing you mentioned - the stainless steel Wilkinson nut.
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