1. For this week’s guitar shopping, we went to the middle of nowhere.  OK, we went to Hamilton, Ontario (about 45 minutes southwest of Toronto).  We just love teasing Hamiltonians!  ;)

    The place is called Mountain Music and we try to get there about once every six months.  On this visit we saw:

    1. Farmland.  Not a guitar picture I know.  But it’s my blog and if I want to throw in an occasional landscape…well…it’s none of your business!! ;)
    2. Samick “Greg Bennett Design” archtop.  In all my years of browsing guitar shops, I have never once seen this brand.
    3. Very nice Gibson USA Les Paul Special.  At $875 it’s a pretty good deal too!
    4. Ohhhhhh….maaaaaaaan…this new finish on the new SG standard is so fine.  I am seeing them in pretty much every shop I go to.  And the price is only 25 dollars over the former SG Standard (the one with full-face pickguard).  I would not be surprised if I buy one of these.  SOON!!!  :D
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  2. thiswontwait said: My second ever guitar was a Greg Bennett. Reasonably priced, plays well. I dropped a pair of Lace pickups in them and the tone improved tremendously. Pretty good for the $350 I paid for it 10 years ago
  3. watsons-lair said: Hamilton! Mountain is where I do the majority of my gear shopping :).
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