1. I paid a visit to The Guitar Shop in Port Credit (Toronto) Canada.

    1. This is the lake.  Lake Ontario.  Smallest of the great lakes, but still pretty bloody big!  If you could see the other side, you would be looking at Rochester New York!
    2. The guitar in the center is a 1976 Stratocaster.  I think he wants $1700 for it - not a bad deal.
    3. The other two are Custom Shop Strats, which were built to the owner’s specifications (including reverse headstock).
    4. An Epiphone “V”.  They told me it is so beat up because the owner had, at one time, put it on his barbecue!
    5. Some lovely Gretsch instruments.
    6. A couple of stunning beautiful Taylors.
    7. So fancy!
    8. Hey…if the Canada geese are back, then spring must be just around the corner!
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