1. I have been playing my 2010 Custom Shop Les Paul Special a lot more lately.  It’s a bit sad because almost all of my collection are really nice guitars…but since there are about 30 that I REALLY like, I can’t possibly play them all as much as they deserve to be played.

    PS: one shot shows a really cool old building on Queen Street, which houses the Fluevog shoe store.  The guys in the audience will probably not understand, but the ladies (well, at least those who LOVE shoes - which in my experience covers about 75% of the female population!) will probably understand about Fluevog…  ;)

    PS: the beautiful guitar strap by Jaykco (as usual for me!  Although I FINALLY bought a Souldier strap last week.  I have heard about Souldier for years, but only just now found a local store that carries them.  Made form recycled automobile seat belts!  Interesting concept…)

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