1. Hey…go listen to a tune called “knock Yourself Out” by legendary funksters, Tower of Power!  here:

    Cool eh?

    Anyhoo: from The Guitar Shop, near Toronto:

    1. Cool Larrivee headstock inlay!
    2. Never heard of these amps, but if TGS has them they must be pretty good…
    3. A GIANT book of guitar photos.  I would like to do a book like this one day…but I will make it “regular” book size!
    4. Stuff stuff stuff!  One of these used to be mine, before I traded it in!
    5. 1974 Strat in blonde (center, left), but it has been f*cked with.  Geez I hate that.
    6. PRS heaven!
    7. If you want to know my opinion, which I am sure you don’t but it’s my blog so there you are!  I love the Taylor GS Mini.  Have not met one yet that sounds bad!
    8. There’s that book again!
    9. this is a poster the owner (pictured, center) has on the wall of the shop.  It is him and his pal Paul Smith (both the “P” and the “S” in “PRS”.  Come to think of it he is also the “R”!) picking out woods for tops of Private Stock guitars.  Pretty cool when PRS himself helps you out personally at the factory!
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    When I die, THIS is where I wanna go
  4. emboforlife said: Two rock make beautiful amps!
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    DAT guitar
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  13. cardsnstuff said: Two Rocks are some of the best amplifiers out there. Its what achieves a majority of John Mayer’s tone. It also used by the likes of Eric Gales, Matt Schofield, and Tomo Fujita.
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