1. shopping this week at Long & McQuade Brampton…a few miles north and west of Toronto, Canada. 

    So MANY interesting things I wanted to buy:

    1. An Angus Young Signature SG for $1300!  This was used of course…and I have only seen the Custom Shop version which costs triple (or more maybe!), but it was nice to see what was essentially a full-face SG Standard, with a Maestro on it!  Lovely. If I had not just spent 3k on a vintage 330, I may have gone for this one!
    2. Ever heard of an ES-390?!??  Me neither!  But here it is…full hollow body (i.e. VERY light), and mini humbuckers!  Tempting…If I had not just spent 2k on an ES-339 I may have gone for this one!
    3. Beautiful Custom Shop VOS ES-330, and an (also beautiful) BB King Lucille in a lovely bright red colour!  I f I had not just bought a vintage 330, I may have gone f…  anyhoo: you get the idea.  :D
    4. Another shot of that VOS 330…these finishes look great.  I know a lot of people don’t like “relics” but the new Gibson VOS finish is more subtle…makes the guitar look broken in with making it look broken!
    5. There is that amazing new 390 again!  It may have been even less that 6 lbs…but I didn’t have my guitar-weighing equipment with me…  :D
    6. And here was the most tempting thing of a all…a mini Banjo!  I would LOVE to get one of these…and at $250 they are cheaper than many ukes!  But I know NOTHING about banjos…anyone know if Gold Tone is a good brand?? 
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  9. claytonbiggs said: Angus did some awesome work with this SG! Right now Im Listening to the FULL concert version of “Jailbreak” Live from Donington circa ‘91??? Awesome song!
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