1. Photos:

    1. Salt and pepper shakers on my table!
    2. The old tubes from my Marshall JTM-1 (2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AU7), after I replaced them earlier this week.  They are sitting on my Custom Shop ‘67 Tele Relic for some reason…
    3. Long and McQuade Mississauga…I always wanted a drum kit.  This one may be a bit small for me, bu the price is right!  :D
    4. I think if I ever came across a Grace Potter signature V I might buy it on the spot.  I really MUST have a V with full body and neck (and headstock, if possible!) binding!
    5. Did I meantion that I love the new VOS finishes that Gibson is doing?  They really make the instrument look old, without being beaten up.  This 335 is gorgeous…too bad it’s around $4500.  I mean for another 1000 dollars I could get a REAL vintage 335!
    6. see #5!
    7. Larrivee L-02 12 string.
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