1. On the advice of my Tumblr-friend stinkfister, I went to Mountain Music in Hamilton, Ontario (about half way between Toronto and Niagara Falls) for our regular Tuesday Monday Night Guitar shopping!  More on Mountain Music later…

    For now I just want to say that I found a 2009 FSR Stratocaster in Fiesta Red with a matching headstock IDENTICAL to my 2009 Tele in Fiesta Red with a matching headstock!!!

    So, needless to say, I’m currently formulating plans to liquidate a guitar or two in order to acquire this baby!  I’ll let you know if I succeed…  :D

    PS: here is the Tele (a 2009 american Standard FSR purchased from The 12 Fret, Toronto, on May 22, 2011!).  Wouldn’t that Strat look great beside this Tele???  Now:  how to make that happen???   :D

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  6. oh-noo said: I LOVE FIESTA RED STRATS. i only have one and its FRD… it was so hard to find, i had to let it ship from japan to germany :)
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