1. The afternoon sun looked interesting on my 2006 Custom Shop ‘60 Relic Strat, in candy apple red with matching headstock, so I took one or two shots of it.  

    OK, just who am I kidding??  I took an INCREDIBLY HUGE  NUMBER of shots the exact number of which is approaching infinity and cannot even be calculated unless you have a super-computer not unlike the HAL 9000 in “2001 A Space Odyssey”, only this computer would not go stark-raving mental and kill all the crew except for Dave Bowman - although HAL does try to lock Bowman out of the ship after he goes EVA in a Pod to retrieve the body of Frank Poole, his crew mate that HAL has just murdered, cutting his tether and  oxygen line and letting him float off into space!

    Yep…if anyone wants to calculate the number of shots I took of this instrument today, their super-computer MUST NOT be mental.  :D

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