1. I made a quick stop at Long & McQuade on Wednesday evening to pick up a few packs of strings.  When you own 36 guitars and you play ALL of them regularly, your need for new strings is immense!  :D

    I was only there for about 5 minutes, but there were a couple of interesting new things since my last visit:

    1. Rickenbacker 360 in Jetglo. Don’t see a ton of Rickys out there, so it’s always interesting to find one.  This was was selling for $1800 (I think…it was too high up on the wall to reach, so I had to read the price tag from about 5 feet away!).
    2. CIJ Fender Mustang reissue.  Don’t see many of these around either.  Although I think the price tag of roughly 950 dollars is a bit excessive when you can buy a vintage example for 1100 - 1400 dollars (and vintage Mustangs are reasonably common too!).  Still, a nice looking instrument.
    3. 2007 MIM Fender Telecaster Standard (used).  This guitar is pretty unexciting - I mean it’s a nice guitar but one sees hundreds of them in every shop.  This one was very clean, and had the old “silver” Fender logo which they used to use on the Mexican Standards before switching to the current black, vaguely 70’s-style logo.  From a purely aesthetic point of view I prefer the old silver logo.  But the best part about this guitar was that the price was 279 dollars!  How can you go wrong for $279???  I have had lunches that cost more than 279 dollars!  :D

    Toronto, Canada, April 5, 2012.

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