1. garys-classic-guitars:

    1966 Gibson SG Standard, Very rare Left handed version, Large pickguard, Cherry Red Finish, Lyre Tailpiece & Vibrola, Lovely instrument, Like Angus Young’s from AC/DC

    If I was slightly richer (and a lefty!) I would be all over this one!  guitarlust:  I think I found the vintage guitar for you!  :D


  2. Some red things that make me happy.

    1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior and various vintage automobiles in Waterbury (home of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!), and Burlington, Vermont.


  3. After 2 weeks away playing only my new Epiphone Casino Coupe, wishing for some other - ANY other - guitar to play* I come home and what do I do?  I play my full sized 1996 MIK Casino and my 1966 Gibson ES-330…essentially the exact same guitar as a Casino!

    And yes, I am fully aware that I suck.

    * not because I dislike the little Casino, but because I like a variety of guitars to play!


  4. Happy to be home again after 2 weeks away in the maritime provinces of Canada and Northern New England.  Why am I happy to be home?  Not because I didn’t enjoy my holiday…it was incredible…but because I want to play MANY MANY MANY of the guitars in my collection and have not been able to do so for a fortnight.  Also:  this is the fist time in my entire life I have used the word “fortnight”.

    2007 Nash S-63 (Stratocaster replica) in seafoam & 50s car (1955 Chevy I believe….) on Cherry Street in Downtown Burlington, Vermont last week…in a colour that could very well be seafoam - Fender did use the same Dupont paints as General Motors!  But I think the car is actually Sherwood Green…it’s just hard to tell because the photo was taken after dark.  ;) 


  5. Two hot rods.


  6. I was in Burlington Vermont last night and apparently there’s a classic car show in town - I am seeing literally hundreds of old cars around town.

    Anyhoo:  I saw this car on Cherry street - and it immediately reminded me of my old (and now sold) Sherewood Green American Vintage ‘62 Telecaster.  Fender did use automotive paints for their custom colours…so I am pretty sure this car is Sherwood Green!  The photo was taken after dark, so the colour looks a little different in the street lights…but I am sure it’s the same.

    I only wish I still had me Tele…then I could somehow buy this car and have Sherwood Green twins!  :D


  7. Allparts “Partscaster” & more from my trip to the east coast of Canada.


  8. mostly-cars-some-guitars:

    Flying V Triburst | More Gibson

    Now THAT is a V I’d love to own!  guitarlust - do you approve??  :D


  9. 1998 Fender Custom Shop ‘60 Custom Telecaster NOS, plus some shots of a creepy abandoned motel near Truro, Nova Scotia (Canada).


  10. 1972 Gibson ES-355.  It weighs 9 pounds which is about 1.5 lbs heavier than I like my guitars.  Usually this weight would be a deal breaker.  But this instrument is so gorgeous…and plays so well…that I didn’t even think twice about it.

    Also: some fun shots form my trip to Nova Scotia, Canada.  When I was a kid my parents would go spend a month in France or the UK, and come back with like 29 rolls of film (for that was the pre-digital era), and MAKE us look through ALL of them!  So now I am doing that to you!  :D


  11. My beloved 1961 Les Paul Junior & two shots of a town called Lunenburg in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.


  12. Headstocks of the DeeBeeUs™ collection and some vacation photos from my trip to Nova Scotia, Canada.  :D

    PS: All of these guitars belong to me…except one!  Can you guess which?


  13. 2011 Gibson SG Standard Exclusive & a couple of shots from my recent trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada.


  14. I was at Mojo Music near Toronto the other day and found this really great set of Allparts aged tuners, so I bought them.  What the hell else was I gonna do?  Not buy them?!?  Ha.  As if.

    I have temporarily parked them on my 2012 Gibson SG Std. P-90 (see before & after shots #2 and 3).  But I probably won’t keep them here because the peghead holes are drilled wider than the bushings that came with the tuners so I had to wrap tape around them so they would fit snugly in the hole before installing the tuners.  So I’ll probably move them to a guitar the actually fit!

    I do love the look of relic-ed accents on otherwise new and pristine guitars. if you have ever seen the candy apple Tele I built, that’s how I built it..all the hardware is aged while the body and neck are clean.

    Also: some shots from my recent trip to Canada’s East Coast.  Top shot was taken just before getting on the ferry from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia, and the second was taken just after getting on the ferry from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia!  :D


  15. Epiphone Casino Coupe and scenes from Kensington Market, Toronto.