1. To paraphrase the eminent poet Mr. Steven V. Tallarico:  ”I’m back.  Back photographing saddles again.”

    And yet more macros of Fender saddles!  I am fascinated by them for some reason. 


  2. Some randoms form the last few guitar outings…from various Long and McQuade stores in the Toronto area:

    1. There’s lots of great things about Derek Trucks.  I am particularly fond of his first name.  His SG is pretty cool too.  ;)  Note the photographs on the wall because…
    2. they are shots of Derek Trucks (the guy with the cool first name and even cooler SG) with Warren Haynes.  And this 335 is a Warren Haynes signature model.  See what they did there?  Clever!
    3. Wait…I honestly want to know why Squier is getting all the best finishes lately?  Check out this sparkly gold-metallic job with gold hardware.  It’s really lovely!
    4. Used John Lennon model Epiphone Casino.  Oddly the “new” price on this was $1,025 or $1,050 if I remember correctly, so at $920 it’s not much of a bargain!
    5. Every time I see you falling, I get on my knees and pr… no wait…start again:  every time I see an nice lefty American Standard Stratocaster I want to do another “reverse Hendrix”.  Some would remind me I already did that with a 2007 (or ‘08?) American Standard in Blizzard Pearl, with mixed results!
    6. Holy - this transports my back to 1984 came Van Halen came out with that album…uh…what was it called again??  Had a song called “Jump” and another one about a teenage bot who fancies his teacher and we are led to believe there was some kind of fornicating (presumably illegal) with said teacher, and another about a Central American country which had a dictator that the US supported and then militarily ousted (PS did you know that country is only “independent” because the United States back a coup to in that conuntry which at the timebelonged to Colombia in order to get control of the area that they would soon be building a canal through.  I am not making this up…go to Youotube and look for a PBS documentary about that canal and you will see it’s true.  But anyway: I can’t remember the name of the canal, the country or the Van Halen song…

    Which reminds me of a very fun, and long palindrome:  ”A man a plan a canal Panama”.

    New Order:

    Van Halen (unrelated to the above text but a song I still love…)


  3. 2007 Nash S-63 & “Spring” in Toronto, Canada, April 22nd, 2014.


  4. Gibson knobs

    • 2005 ES-335 VOS.
    • 2009 Les Paul Special TV Model, VOS
    • 2009 ES-339
    • 1961 Les Paul/SG Junior
    • 1966 ES-330

  5. Candy apple Custom Tele built by moi.  PS:  do you know what this colour is named after?   Check it out:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candy_apple


  6. Come with me, my love, to the sea(foam), the sea(foam) of love.  I want to tell you, just how much I love you, you seafoam headstock you!


  7. Amplification

    Long & McQuade, Toronto, Canada, April 2014.


  8. freeindie:

    Justin Dean Thomas - The Night is Far Gone

    I’m not saying this new song by my friend Justin Dean Thomas of New York City’s The Bowery Riots has an unsettling or disturbing…maybe even frightening…feel to it, I’m just saying I can only listen to it with all the lights on and the doors bolted.  Before sundown…  :D

    Here’s a selection from JDTs guitar collection, including “Mandrake” the seafoam Strat, “Ruby” the the sparkly Telecaster.  The song was recorded live, in one take, on the the 1956 Silvertone (named “Lorretta”) on the left.  Also, note the matching seafoam amp…nice touch!   

    (via justindeanthomas)


  9. Farewell my beloved Capsule Music…the shop is closing after like a million years on Queen West.   The somewhat happier news is that after a few monhs of hiatus, Capsule will be opening a “showroom” uptown somewhere in September…so all is not completely lost.

    The store was down to bare bones on my last visit, with no more that 25 guitars in the place (there were a couple of hundred before!), and here are a couple of interesting ones…a 1972 Gibson Firebird “Medallion” worth just under $7k, and a groovy 1930s lap steel and matching amp.

    A friend of mine who is a working musician in Toronto owns a “Medallion” Flying V from 1972…these were a special run to commemorate the 72 Munich Olympics (“medallion”…Olympics…get it?).


  10. Back on the rack:

    '68 SG Special, '05 Custom Shop '66 Closet Classic, '07 Nash Strat replica in seafoam with matching headstock, '97 Ricky 360, turquoise, and '09 ES-339


  11. The thing I like best (other than the music..) about the name “Paul Deslauriers Band" is that it includes both his AND my initials.  I asked him to call the band the Paul-D-eeBeeUs™ Experience but he wouldn’t budge - said I had to actually BE in the band to even a chance of me being added into the band name!

    From the Montreal Jazz Festival, here’s Paul sitting in with Toronto’s Jack De Kyzer band.  I love Paul’s LP Jr.  I must get one for myself…  ;)


  12. My beloved Capsule Music in the Queen West section of downtown Toronto is closing,  I am devastated by this news.  :(  

    As the neighbourhood has gentrified over the last last couple of decades, their rent has quintupled while guitar prices remained largely the same.  

    On the plus side, they in about 5 months they are opening an new shop, well outside the downtown core, where rent is (relatively) cheap!

    Here are some shots from my last visit to Capsule…it was heartbreaking to see the almost empty walls of the shop - they used to have at least 75 guitars in there at any given time.

    1. A couple of Capsule-built Teles (check out the Thinline Esquire on the left!)
    2. Ancient National
    3. The shop front - I will miss you :(
    4. Vintage mics
    5. Gorgeous SG in “bullion gold” with gold hardware.  This was a Sam Ash “exclusive” run, so I am not sure how it made it to Toronto.
    6. Queen West, Toronto.
    7. 1928 Gibson archtop. Sounds great!
    8. Another pretty Gibson vintage archtop.
    9. Art.

  13. Hurricane


  14. There’s only 1 thing I like doing better than shopping for guitars…can you guess what it is?   It’s “buying guitars”…what did you think I was going to say??

    Here’s more from Cosmo Music, just north of Toronto, Canada:

    1. When I think about the “Armada” I used to picture Elizabeth I giving her "I have the body of a weak, feeble woman" speech at Tilbury in advance of the expected Spanish invasion.  But now I picture this lovely EBMM “Armada” model.
    2. When I think of PRS I usually don’t picture a semi-hollow thinline archtop…but here we are!
    3. Highway 401 collector lanes, Toronto.
    4. I hate to say it but I really like this Yamaha.  Too bad it weighs roughly 72 lbs!
    5. Intriguing Anderson
    6. Highway 401 - reprise
    7. So pretty.  Surprisingly heavy though.
    8. Passing a truck on highy 401, 9:20 pm
    9. Rosewood!
    10. LPs are too heavy for my taste but here’s one I would make an exception for.


  15. I was never very good at math*, but I know this equation inside and out:

    Stratocaster + Fiesta + Red = Love

    *Or as they say in the UK “maths”.  If you think about it, to say “maths” rather than “math”, as we say here in North America, makes a lot of sense.  After all, we don’t say “mathmatic”, do we?  We say “mathmatics” with an “s”.  So shouldn’t it be shortened to “maths” with an “s” rather than just “math”?  The British are really good with these kinds of things.

    And while I do agree with putting a letter “u” after the “o” in words such as colour, favour, humour, etc., I don’t agree with their renegade and iconoclastic nomenclature regarding trucks (“lorries”), trunks (boots), hoods (bonnets), elevators (lifts), TVs (Teles), sweaters (jumpers), underwear/underpants (pants), attractive women (birds), chips (crisps), plush carpeting (shag) and don’t even get me started on the word “fanny”!   I’ll let Keith explain:

    PS: after watching that classic clip from The Office, I am craving a Scotch egg.  But they are near impossible to find in Canada…maybe I’ll just pop open a bag of Walkers Crisps instead…”cheese and onion”, maybe! OK, I feel better now!  :D