1. Gretsch Goodness:  G6120-1959LTV Chet Atkins Hollow Body and G6136T White Falcon


  2. ES-339, various angles.


  3. It was “Used Explorer Day” at the Long & McQuade store in Burlington, near Toronto, Canada, today.  The korina Epi was only 350 dollars…I came SO CLOSE.  

    But I have to keep reminding myself that I MUST NOT impulse-buy guitars anymore!  Every time I make a snap decision to buy a guitar or a part or a pedal or a DVD I increase the time until I can buy the guitar I have been LUSTING over for the last year.  I MUST conserve money so I can actually pay for my dream when I go to New York in October!

    And it has been f*cking tough to keep my wallet in my pocket this week!  There have been SO MANY cool things to impulse-buy.  Here is a smattering of the cool used stuff that has landed this week in the shops of Toronto:

    Firstly, at the same store (as above) there was one of the new cool little Epi Casino “Coupe” models in cherry.  It’s a Casino with an ES-339 body.  Only 500 bones.  I came SO CLOSE.

    Next, at Capsule’s online store this week, these used guitars came in and I would buy the sh*t out of every one of them - if, as I said, I were not saving up for something special…

    (note: these photos are owned by Capsule Music Toronto.  I have used them here for illustration purposes only - no copyright infringement is intended.  Visit Capsule and see the plethora of fine vintage guitars in stock there at this address: http://www.capsulemusic.com/  and perhaps even buy one of their guitars so they do not prosecute me for using their photos! ;)

    1969 Mustang in virtually pristine “Competition" red.  This is expensive for a Mustang, but wow.  Just wow.:  http://www.capsulemusic.com/retail/detail.php?id=1004

    1988 Gibson SG Custom:


    2011 ES-335 Silverburst:


    Robbie Krieger SG:



  4. I love my SG Standard P-90.  All the goodness of an SG Standard.  Plus the even more goodness of P-90s.

    I would love it if Gibson USA made “real” SG Specials again.  Not what they call an SG Special these days…with uncovered humbuckers, decal on the headstock and no neck binding, but the ORIGINAL SG Special of the 1960s.  P-90s, dot markers, bound neck. 3 on a plate Klusons with white plastic buttons.   Real headstock inlay.  And GLOSSY!   Come on Gibson!  How about it??

    Ask Carlos…he knew!

    (note:  half face ‘guard, so his “Special” was made before ‘67.  Also looks like it does not have 3-on-plate Klusons.  It was a common “upgrade” in those days to change the tuners.  Personally I love the originals….)


  5. Here’s a 2009 Gibson ES339 - it’s my 7.1 lb bundle of sunburst Gibson gorgeousness. The more observant (obsessive?) guitar aficionados in the crowd will immediately stop me and say “wait a second there DeeBeeUs™, you’re an incredible intelligent and beautiful - some would say irresistible - man, but there’s no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks that those are the stock tuners for that guitar!”. And I would respond “thanks for remembering to use the ™ symbol - even when saying my name out loud - this brand ain’t gonna protect itself, after all! But you are right: these are Allparts aged deluxe-style tuners I bought at my friend Peter’s guitar shop (Mojo Music of Oakville http://www.mojomusic.ca). I love the juxtaposition of a ” clean” finish vs. ‘relic’ed’ hardware!’


  6. #Gibson #Les #Paul #Supreme…more fun from last night’s Tuesday #guitar shopping, still at #Long & #McQuade, Burlington (#Toronto), Canada.


  7. Tuesday night #guitar #shopping at the #Long & McQuade store in Burlington (#Toronto) Canada. I will have to literally flush my wallet down the nearest bog to stop me from impulse-buying this lovely mini #Epiphone #Casino! Only 500 bucks NEW for chrissakes! ME WANT! :D


  8. 2014 DeeBeeUs-Caster!   


  9. OK - one last shot of my 2012 #Gibson #SG Standard P-90 and then I’ll move on to some other, near identical, but just different enough #guitar for me to claim I’m not boring you by posting the same guitar AGAIN! :D Just one note: you’ll notice that there is an #ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic on this guitar instead of the stock “#Nashville” #bridge. Why? ‘Cos I like the #ABR better…purely for aesthetic reasons! In theory the design of the Nashville *should* be better - each #saddle has more range of movement…and so it should make for more adjustable #intonation. Whatev. I just like how the ABR looks! :D


  10. My helper turtle Ric pitching in to help me with some minor tweaking of my 1996 Epiphone Casino.  He’s a great help, but he only asks for one thing in exchange for his work - that I NEVER use a tortoise shell pickguard.  ”Tort is murder” he is fond of saying…


  11. Stratocaster bridge macro.


  12. 2012 #Gibson #SG Standard #P-90. Currently open-tuned because I wanted to learn a specific song that required #DADGAD tuning. First time I have really sat down and worked with an open tuning and I must say…once I get over the fact that all the notes on 3 of the 6 strings are now two frets up the fretboard from where I expect them to be…it’s fun! Like using a #capo, it makes me sound like I actually CAN play the #guitar! ;)


  13. Macro-caster!

    Seriously close up view of my 1987 American Standard Stratocaster.


  14. 2012 SG Standard P-90


  15. 1996 #Epiphone #Casino, made in #Korea - the home of some of my favourite food…and guitars! The “#witch #hat” knobs were my idea…I have a thing for late #60s/early #70s #Gibson instruments…and these were the #knobs they used most during that era. I also am finding I like the look of an otherwise “clean” guitar with aged/distressed/relic’d parts and/or hardware.