1. Another lazy evening with my best friends. :D

    '66 #Fender #Musicmaster and '57 #tweed #Champ (foreground).

    ‘11 #Gibson SG Std Exclusive, ‘61 #Les #Paul (#SG) #Junior, ‘72 #ES355, ‘07 SG Classic, ‘07 #Nash S-63, ‘06 #Custom #Shop #Stratocaster Relic, ‘05 Custom Shop Limited Edition ‘66 #Strat Closet Classic, ‘97 #Rickenbacker #360 (background).

    There are more below but I can’t see them from here… :D


  2. Whoa…

    Brand new Taylor 712E at Folkway Music in Waterloo, Canada.

    This is a limited run (duh…OBVIOUSLY!), part of Taylor’s “Fall Limited” series.  The back and sides made of a wood called “blackheart sassafras”, and I think the guitar is probably worth the $3500 price tag just so the owner can say “my guitar’s back and sides are made of BLACKHEART SASSAFRAS!”

    Also: note that it’s a 12 fret neck!  And check out the odd-looking but innovative bracing in the last shot.  I have heard a few of the 12 fret/new bracing Taylors and they sound incredibly rich and full - even with thier relatively small bodies.  

    The man holding the guitar up so I could photograph it is my friend who works at Folkway, and he has actually gone to the Taylor factory and met the guy responsible for these new Taylor designs.  That was pretty cool I thought…  :D


  3. Despite the rain, it was a good trip out to Waterloo (about 1 hour’s drive west of Toronto) to one of the best guitar shops I know, Folkway Music, where I found this lovely vintage 1966 Fender student model called the Musicmaster.  

    The price was right and my credit card needed a workout (he’s been spending most of his time stationary in my wallet lately…it was time to get him out for some exercise! 

    It weighs in at 6 lbs 11.5 ounces, so it’s not featherweight, but it is still well within my limit on schnitzengruben…er…I mean “weight”!  Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben. 7 lbs, 8 ounces is my limit on guitar weight!  :D


  4. Triumvirate of tasty Teles.

    • 2009 American Standard FSR, fiesta with matching headstock.
    • 1998 Custom Shop ‘60 Custom Reissue, NOS.
    • 2014 DeeBeeCaster™ Thinline.  Made by moi from various parts I have cobbled together.  Weighs in just under 6 lbs.  Sublime.

  5. 1957 Fender Champ - a LOT louder than you would expect.

    (guitar strap by Souldier) 


  6. Guitar shopping this week at folway Music in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, about 1 hour west of Toronto.

    Here we have a lovely and surpisingly affordable 1964 Fender Jaguar.  Obviously not in “mint” condition, but still quite clean with some nice looking, honest play wear.  Selling for $2,999 (CAD) which I think is a pretty good deal.  Also: it’s probably the lightest jag I have ever held…which is of course the primary criterion by which I judge ALL guitars…even before how they sound!  I mean they must sound good too…but if they are not light weight, I never even get to the “sound” test.  I just cannot love a heavy guitar. Well except for my 9 lb 1972 Gibson ES-355 TDSV.  That one’s sheer beauty overides any weight issues…  :D


  7. New toy alert!

    1966 Fender Musicmaster.  This little guitar sounds fantastic - very grungy! and if you think a late 60s Gibson neck is slim, the neck on this guitar will blow your mind…it’s about half the thickness of any of those vintage Gibsons.  Playing it makes me feel like Hendrix with his gargantuan hands!


  8. Guitars I like to play, and fruit I like to eat.

    2010 Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Special Double Cut VOS & 2005-ish Fender Custom Shop ‘67 Telecaster Relic.

    2014 Bosc pears, 2014 Macintosh Apple, 2014 Clementine orange.  :D


  9. Here’s one I don’t show you that often, but I really should. It’s a 2011-ish @kauerguitars #Daylighter #Express in their incredible and unique #TV $Black finish.

    #guitar #kauer #mycollection #toronto


  10. More shots of my 1972 Gibson ES-355 TDSV in walnut.


  11. Thursday Night Guitar Shopping:

    1. NOBODY can tell me that Squier doesn’t get the BEST colours!
    2. Ltd edition Taylor, doen for Long & McQuade Canada
    3. Note the maple leaf fret markers.  I love it!
    4. Beatle bass in a fetching sunburst!
    5. Even though the prices on these just went up to $430 (CAD), the Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue is one of the best values for money in the world of electric guitars!
    6. Epiphone acoustic.  Why don’t we see more interesting acoustic finishes like this??
    7. Ah, another sad chapter in the “why does nobody like the PRS Starla” story.  Here’s a forlorn little Starla X…a stripped down version of the regular Starla.  The young sales lady to me she calls this one Captain Pumpkin Butt.  or something to that effect anyway.  Man I feel old.  :D

  12. 2007 Nash S-63, Stratocaster replica.  

    Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick Canada.  Low tide.  As you probably guessed…


  13. I’ll be honest: Thursday night #guitar #shopping this week in #Waterloo Ontario (near #Toronto) was only a little bit about guitar shopping and more about #art shopping. I bought a small but lovely painting by a very talented young artist named Susan Gale. Here’s her site. http://susangalepaint.com/home.html She is a really great painter, but more on that later…

    To business: here is an interesting special run that #Taylor has just done for #Long & #McQuade, Canada’s largest #music shop chain. What makes this different and all #Canadian-like. Dig those #fret markers! :D #maple #leaf #inlay


  14. atlasstands:



    1. A person who supports a great burden.
    2. A book of maps, charts, tables, plates, etc.
    3. The top vertebra of the backbone, which supports the skull.
    4. A size of drawing paper 26x33 or 26x34 inches.
    5. An architectural column in the shape of a man. (Plural: atlantes. Another word for this is telamon. The female equivalent is caryatid.)

    After Atlas, a Titan in Greek mythology, who was condemned by Zeus to support the heavens. A book of maps is called an atlas because early books of this kind depicted Atlas on the cover holding the earth on his shoulders. Earliest documented use: 1589.

    "Williams’s performance is forced, as if he believes he is an Atlas holding up the whole picture."
    Afterlives; Stanley Kauffmann; The New Republic (Washington, DC); Oct 26, 1998.

    Haha.  Looks like my place.  :D  But seriously…here’s what a REAL amp stand should look like!


  15. Here’s my #player’s (as opposed #collector’s) #grade 1968 #Gibson #SG #Special. I call this effect “when #lacquer #checking goes bad”. :\

    This #guitar has had so many different “upgraded” #tuners put on and removed in its life that the finish has actually chipped away from the area! When I got it, I put on a set of the original style (but #reissue) #Kluson “plate” tuners on it. Luckily the #p90 #pickups, wiring harness, pots etc., #pickguard, and short #maestro #vibrola are original an in good working order. The action is low and it plays and sounds great!

    This would be a great candidate for a re-fin! Damn, though… If only I knew someone whom I trusted that also had experience refinishing late 60s cherry SGs, but no one springs to mind…. Ahem @puisheen….