1. Progress on the Telecaster build is brisk.  Well brisk for me anyway - if I can install a pick guard in a single day I feel like I have accomplished a lot!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to show you “after” shots soon.


  2. 1996 Epiphone Casino, made in Korea,  Probably the least expensive guitar currently in the ol’ collection, but definitely in the top 5 for beauty (lovely warm “blonde”) build quality, sound, play-ability, and weight (a very 6 lbs 3.5 oz!)


  3. Another shot of my #Telecaster build in progress. I know exactly how I want this #Tele to turn out when it’s done. I have a vision for it. You might say I have a “Tele-vision”! You’re welcome. :D.

    #guitar #toronto #mycollection #tv #Allparts #headstock #Fender #Kluson #tuners.


  4. La Trahison des Guitares:  Ceci n’est pas une Telecaster.

    René Magritte is my 3rd favourite Belgian after  Tintin and Hercules Poirot.  I guess you could say Magritte is my 1st favourite “real” Belgian.


  5. It’s starting to look like a #Telecaster! I have been (uncharacteristically) working all day, and the #bridge and #neck are now installed. Also, instead of buying a bridge #pickup, I am going to “harvest” a #hand #wound set out of my #fiesta #red #American #Standard and stick them in this one. If I can manage a bit of #soldering I may actually be able to #play it later tonight. Fun fun fun!


  6. I’m driving in my car, I turn on the radio
    I’m pulling you close, you just say no
    You say you don’t like it, but girl I know you’re a lyre*
    'Cause when we kiss, fire.



  7. I’m still freaking out over just how great this #1996 #Epiphone #Casino I picked up last week for a mere $500 CAD (£270) is. I have always loved #Korean #food…now I also love Korean #guitars! Now: time for kalbi!


  8. Well, it took me literally all afternoon, but I got the #tuners installed on my #Allparts #Telecaster #neck. This is the third time I have installed these vintage-style #Fender tuners and I must say, very humbly, that this may just be the most incredible #guitar-related #DIY #project that has ever been done by me…or anyone. Anywhere. Ever! The word “#masterpiece” gets bandied about a lot these days, but I think it’s a fitting descriptor in this case! And speaking of fitting (sweet segue eh?) Look at how straight they are! Its not that easy to do! For me anyway… :D


  9. Choices choices.

    Since I am building a mid 60s-style Custom Telecaster, it was only fitting to use the mid-60s Custom Telecaster decal.  Of all the Fender logos over the year, the so-called “transition” logo is my favourite.  It was used in ‘65 and ‘66 on most (if not all…) Fenders   It was the logo that bridged the gap (hence the “transition” moniker) between the original “spaghetti” logo and the “CBS” larger black logo of the late 60s


  10. Guitar shopping this week at the Long & McQuade Toronto store…

    1. Wait…I hate when this happens.  I find an interesting new model and then I can’t remember what it’s called!  And the internets are as usual are no help at all either!  Someone get Al Gore on the horn!  I wanna make a complaint about this Internet thing he invented!  PS:  what is this guitar?!?
    2. Awwwwww…a little baby acoustic amplifier!
    3. Bloor Street - note the reflected acoustic guitars in the window…
    4. Lefties
    5. Here I am, minding my own business, appreciating this nice Olympic white Custom Shop Relic, and that monstrosity on the left photo-bombs me!  Worse…it’s over $4000!!!
    6. GIANT Vox AC4 hand wired.  Physically ginormous!  I like!
    7. Isn’t this sweet?  A lefty ES-335 and a Righty ES-335!  Take it away Paul and Stevie:  ”A left-ee and a right-ee / live together in perfect harmony / side by side on my guitar rack / oh crap / why can’t we??

  11. I know I say this EVERY time I get a #new #guitar, but this time I REALLY mean it! My newest (and extremely #inexpensive) 1996 #Epiphone #Casino is my total favourite guitar at the moment. I have taken the #pickguard off to make it more reminiscent of #John #Lennon’s ‘65 #Epi. Now I just need a weird avante guard artsy-fartsy Japanese girlfriend who can’t sing in tune and helps precipitate the breakup of my band. :D


  12. More macros, golden Gibson. Vintage, Varitone. crafted in Kalamazoo.  Made in Michigan.

    1972 ES-355


  13. Seafoam and Tweed - my favourite colour scheme.


  14. Thursday night #guitar #shopping at the big #Long & #McQuade store on #Bloor Street in #Toronto. Here is a #Fender #custom #colour you don’t see every day even with the plethora of #FSRs, #limited #editions, #special runs, etc. that everything seems to be all the time these days…I think it’s #Sherwood #green although it was WAY up on a top rack so I was not able to prove or disprove that assumption! The #mint #pick #guard looks great to. #guitar #shopping


  15. Thursday night #guitar #shopping part deux, still at #Long & #McQuade #Toronto. Dig this…it’s a new #Road #Worn #50s #Telecaster. Frankly I wasn’t a big fan of the RW series…they all had exactly the same wear marks and the finishes were dull (i.e. not glossy). They just looked a tad cheesy IMO. But this new model addresses all of my complaints quite nicely…there’s bit of glossiness…and the “wear” has been toned down to a much more subtle and believable level. If I didn’t look at the serial number I would have been hard-pressed to tell it from a #Custom #Shop #Closet #Classic.