1. freeindie:

    Justin Dean Thomas - The Night is Far Gone

    JDT’s owns (at least) four of the most awesome guitars in New York City.  In fact, it was his Stratocaster “Mandrake” (below) that inspired me to buy my own new seafoam Strat!   

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  2. More Thursday evening excitement. Setting up my new (old) Nash S-63 Stratocaster relic. LA vita e Bella.

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  3. My “exciting” evening before the long weekend commences is being spent lacquering, sanding, buffing, and decal-ing the neck for my homemade Esquire project.

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  4. So much fun stuff at Cosmo Music just outside of Toronto, Canada:

    1. Custom Shop ES-356.  Oh baby…
    2. Truck, highway 401 Eastbound.
    3. A very sweet Custom shop P-Bass
    4. Seriously, it’s a ginormous store…
    5. FSR Fender amps.  Love the sparkle, but I wouldn’t buy it if I were a working musician…I’ll bet it would get torn up pretty badly with regular load-ins and outs!
    6. Princeton Reverb in a colour I like to call “Irish Sparkle”  :D
    7. What, in god’s name, is it doing snowing in April?!?
    8. I thought this was one of the reissue “woodies” Fender put out a couple of years ago…but it’s actually an FSR Blues Jr. III with a VERY different finish from the regular ones…even the regular FSRs!
    9. Now THIS is a cool amp design!

  5. Here is my homage to the 60th Anniversary of the Stratocaster.  From my last visit to Cosmo Music, just north of Toronto, Canada.

    All of the above are new custom shop models…and priced as such!  You could either buy an relatively inexpensive car or, with the same money, buy any 2 - 3 of these guitars!


  6. When shimming a Fender-style neck, it ALWAYS better to use personalized shims. Anything less is a sham. That’s right: it’s a SHIM SHAM!

    Photo 4: I have heard of “Eric, The Half a Bee”, but never of “Reginald, The Half a House”!

    Photo 5: a clean workbench is a productive workbench.

    Photo 6: He looks p*ssed off…


  7. normansrareguitars:

    Our beautiful 1965 Gibson SG Special in Custom color Polaris White that @markagnesi is holding here at #NormansRareGuitars 🎸 (at Norman’s Rare Guitars)

    No hyperbole, I would sell every single one of my 30+ guitars for this Special.  

    Well…I probably wouldn’t sell the ‘68 Tele.  Or the ‘66 ES-330.  Or the ‘61 LP Junior.   Or the ‘68 SG Special.  But every other one would be gone in a heartbeat!  Well…maybe not my Turquose Ricky 360 or my Custom Shop ‘66 Closet Classic Strat with transition logo and CBS large headstock.  Or my ‘66 Jaguar.  Or my ‘98 Custom Shop NOS sunburst Custom Tele.  Other than those though, EVERYTHING.  Except my new Nash seafoam Strat with matching headstock.  Or my ES-335.  Or my FSR matching fiesta red Tele and Strat, both with matching headstocks.  I really like my ES-339 too, so I probably wouldn’t sell that one either.    But EVERYTHING else would go.  Except my 87 American Std Strat - I couldn’t sell my first “real” guitar now could I?  But everything else…yes!


  8. More interesting finds while guitar shopping in the Toronto area this week:

    1. Another look at that matte-finished “Select” Strat at Long &  McQuade in Mississauga (just west of Toronto).
    2. Select Tele in a “tricolour” figured-top finish.
    3. Lefty American Std. Stratocaster
    4. Starcaster bass.  Obviously this is a reissue, but did they ever make an actual one back in the 70s??
    5. Fun made-in-Indonesia Tele.  It has a set (and bound) neck, lovely top, and best of all it may be the lightest electric I have ever seen…no more than 5 lbs!
    6. Bargain alert - only $299 for this recent MIM Olympic White lefty Strat with maple ‘board.  The perfect instrument for a righty like myself to convert into a “reverse Hendrix”.  
    7. But it needs a setup.  BADLY.  :D

  9. Our current inventory of Telecasters.  All priced to sell!  No, wait, actually it’s the opposite…they are priced to NOT sell!

    1. 2009 Fender American Standard Telecaster, Factory Special Run in fiesta red with matching headstock.  Your price: $2,799.99.  (regular price: $2,800.99).  You save: $1.00!) 
    2. 2005-ish Fender Custom Shop ‘67 Telecaster Relic, Shoreline Gold.  Your price: $4501.99  (regular price: $4,502.00).  You save:  $0.01!)
    3. 1968 Fender Telecaster (vintage…NOT a reissue), blonde.  Your price: $9,500.98 (regular price: 15,000.99.  You save:  $5,500.01!)
    4. 2014 homemade DeeBee-Caster™ Custom, candy apple red.  Your price: $22,000.00 (regular price: $44,000.00.  You save a WHOPPING $22,000.00!  This is the deal of the century!  You’d be crazy NOT to buy this guitar!)
    5. 1998 Fender Custom Shop ‘60 Custom Telecaster, sunburst.  Your price: $7,250.00 (regular 7,249.00.  You save:  -$1!)

    And yes, I am DEFINITELY kidding.  PLEASE DO NOT send angry “asks” telling me my Teles are overpriced and I am an idiot (I am already aware of both these facts!)


  10. More madness from The Twelfth Fret in Toronto Canada:

    1. Custom Shop Les Paul SG VOS.  I need this.  To live.
    2. Public nudity on Dundas East!  If you want to see where this was taken click here, although you will notice when the Google Streetview people photographed this wall, the art had not yet been created!
    3. I have shown this before but…FURRY TELE!
    4. Ancient Danelectro
    5. 1967 Rickenbacker 430.  450?  Not sure…anyhoo: TINY!
    6. Vintage Martin 0-18.  Beautiful small-body 12 fret parlour.  Maybe an 0-21?  I think it’s an 18…. 

  11. 2007 Nash S-63 model.  

    PS: thank you everyone who replied or sent and ask my way when I said I though this was surf green…but I am really bad at recognizing Fender greens and turquoises and even some blues.

    The general consensus from the feedback that this was NOT surf green.  I took another look at Fender’s custom colour chart and I am now thinking it’s actually “seafoam” green, but “seafoam”, “surf”, “ocean turquoise”…it’s all about vast expanses of water anyway…  ;)

    But seriously, it isn’t exactly like any Fender colour I can see. I am pretty sure that Nash not only applies dents and scuffs and wear to their guitars, but they also age the colour - so I’m guessing they made the finish more yellow than it would have been when “new” which contributes to the ambiguity of this lovely but as yet anonymous colour…


  12. Although I don’t know exactly what each of these guitars are, I like them all!

    Photos from my last trip to the 12th Fret, Toronto:

    1. Various vintage National resonators.  Trivia: they are not called “steel” guitars because they are made of metal, but because the slide that was used to play Hawaiian-style music on these guitars was called a “steel”!  But don’t quote me on that…I imagine a lot of things and then later convince my self that I read it somewhere… ;) 
    2. If I had some spare coin, I would definitely take a spin on the Larrivée RS-4.
    3. I always talk about how I love Gretsch colours…and they are beautiful…but check out that metallic sunburst on the right.  Nice!
    4. Vintage or VOS?  I honestly can’t tell…my guess is “VOS”.
    5. Pretty Custom Shop ‘56 Strat Relic.  I used to have one of these, but I traded it for an ES-339.  But I do love a blonde Stratocaster…
    6. Vintage Danelectro.  Lovely colour - it’s nicely worn with out being “abused”.
    7. Nice to see an AVRI  (edit: oops, I meant “Deluxe”, not AVRI) thinline Tele in sunburst…I mostly see them in Olympic white.

  13. Here is a really cool vintage lefty Strat at The Twelfth Fret, a guitar shop in Toronto, Canada.  Based on the “Bullet”, it must be after 1971, but I am pretty sure it is pre-1976 too.  The ash body looks great through the sunburst and the way they applied the headstock decal is so awesome.  PS: note the tuners are chrome…and so look brand new.  Chrome does not dull or tarnish like nickel does!

    Also: Check out my lunch in the last shot.  If, by any chance, you think Sichuan (四川) cuisine ain’t that spicy, then I dare you to try this dish: fried chicken pieces with fried rice and  A GIANT PILE OF RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS ALL OVER!  :D


  14. Welcome to the family.  2007 Nash Stratocaster replica, surf green (I think…I am not to good with Fender custom colour names…), with matching headstock.


  15. 2005 Gibson Custom ES-335 and a lovely Snowdonia Cheese Company wheel of herbed cheddar. American guitars and Welsh cheese.  I won’t accept anything less. PS: I appreciate the extra mile the good people at Snowdonia Cheese go. As you can see, they have wax-potted this cheese. This is no doubt why (unlike other, lesser cheddars) I’m not getting ANY microphonic feedback at all from this cheese!